Almost a Year since my last Post

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I have been very busy since my last post almost a year ago and have completely forgotten how fast time flies. I cannot even believe that I am beginning my third year as an admissions counselor. Here are some bullet points of what happened since my last post:

- I covered the MnACC fairs and ate tons of food at Hmong Village in my hometown
- We sponsored the Hmong New Year and I had a table there. I witnessed a fight there by the way
- I did some high school visits and wrapped up my fall 2010 travels
- Begin work on my Masters of Education at UMD, taking advantage of my University of Minnesota Regents Scholarship that I have as a staff.
- Spring Travel begins and I went to Chicago
- In Chicago I got to visit Navy Pier in the Spring and shopped around
- My hotel was this fancy Intercontinental in downtown right on the magnificent mile so I did tons of shopping there
- Finished Spring travels
- Bought my wife a brand new 35,000 dollar car, like I don't have enough bills already!!!
- My role as the Treasurer of MnACC is to be changed so next year I will be the Chief Financial Officer, fancy
- We went to the MnACC conference in St Peter on my B-Day and I got super wasted to the point that I decided to cut back on drinking. Now I only drink a maximum of 3 drinks if and when I do drink at all.
- Now, August 2nd, 2011 I am preparing for Fall travels again.

Holy Cow, and that is just what I can remember. Time flies too quickly here in this admissions field. Each day is never the same and each trip is never alike. I'm hoping to get to go to Texas in early September, that should be a blast. This year I will try my best to keep up with my blog but as my followers know, it is nearly impossible. Hence, I decided to reactivate my facebook account so that I can be connected again. When I first started on the job, it was a professional judgement on my part to get off facebook, but now I have decided to get back on. Of course I plan to clean up my profile from my wild college days first. Anyways, that's it for now. I'm in the office blogging and facebooking, I mean what is there to do right? Suppose I should work every now and then. Peace!

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