Preliminary Travel Planning

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I am working on finalizing my travel schedule for the fall and it looks like I will be quite busy. I wanted to go to Texas so bad but my first weekend of class is going to interfere; thus my colleague will have to cover. She didn't seem too happy but was optimistic about taking on the challenge. If it wasn't for that darn class meeting, I would be all over the chance to go down south again. It's okay; I promised to go next year.

That leaves me with starting travel on the last week of September to Eastern Wisconsin where I will explore the shores of Lake Michigan and sample Milwaukee-brewed beer again. Next I will come back to cover the National College Fair in Minneapolis before possibly flying out to Chicago for nearly a month. This will be my third year covering the area so I am confident that the adventures will get crazier as I get bolder. Upon completion of Chicago, I will be back in Minnesota for the rest of the time.

Between the last week of September and the first week of December, I will only be back in the office for a total of one and a half week. I'm super excited to be out again even though I know I will be exhausted by the time I come back. I intend to try out some awesome Chicago cuisine via Vietnamese Town, China Town, and inner city Chicago BBQ. I do hope to not gain my travel 10, but it is always tough on the road.

That's it for now. In two weeks when I confirm all my fairs, I will for sure begin to reserve hotels. I'm super stoked because this fall I'm going to finally make a breakthrough to platinum priority club status that comes with really cool features like free upgrade to spa suites pending availability, free drinks at the bar, more points per visit, the works. I took me over 100 nights at holiday inn chains, intercontinental, candlewood suites and staybridge suites to get this status, but it I will definitely take advantage of it to its fullest.

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