Last Week In the Office

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Alright ladies and gents, I've been prepping myself all last week for this. This is going to be my last week in the office and I'm already packing to go out. Seven weeks doesn't seem too long, but by the end of it one does feel a little exhausted. I'm still waiting for two guidance counselor's to call me back to confirm out appointments and still trying to call two career counselors in Chi-Town to confirm for fairs. I do hope to get that done prior to the end of the week.

It definitely feels like fall now as applications are now coming in. I have a lot to pack and a lot to get done before I leave including MnACC accounting stuff, cleaning my office, and making sure that I have everything that I need. True story, when I went off on my first college fair circuit ever in North Dakota, I forgot my table banner. Totally sucks to do that and I had to drive back down from Fargo to get it. I have this thing with forgetting things and I do hope to not run into this situation again. Alright, next time I post, I promise that it will be about one of my Meng Adventures. Thanks much and can't wait.

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