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WEF 2011

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I left for Marinette, WI on Sunday October 25th way in the morning because I know it's going to be a long drive. I woke up, kissed my wife goodbye and off I go. This year, part of my goal is to cook some of my own meals if I can, so I brought along a few silverware, bowls and plates and stopped in my native St Paul for a box of instant pho just in case I get the midnight cravings. The drive was mild and unadventurous, essentially listening to football the whole way. The Viking and Lions game was pure pleasure in the first half but noting but pain in the second half, whatever, I've learned to erase bad memories quickly.

On the Monday, I completed the fair and make my way down to Fond Du Lac. Along the way I stopped for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and thought it was a good idea to eat some blazing wings for lunch. Now, I can take more spice than most people, so keep that in mind and don't call me and an idiot. I had 9 wings, all blazing and yes they were hot, not unbearable but hot. I bet I can easily complete their wing challenge no problems. I did almost get into a car accident when I left Bdubs though and that was probably the extent of any craziness during this week.

As I was driving on the turning lane to get into the highway, and yes it was raining something bad, I saw this car in front of me on the right lane. Knowing how crazy Wisconsin folks can drive, I was cautious but as I pass him, the man swerves into my lane because he wanted to go into the highway too. I stomped on the brakes hard, and the Prius is not built for sports driving like my Eclipse is so I drifted for a bit. Was I happy, no. Was it fun? Honestly, sort of, but knowing how close I came to wrecking the university vehicle, I wasn't laughing. I proceeded to my hotel and the rest of the week was pretty uneventful.

Sheboygan was semi fun though. I stayed at the Holiday Inn and Express and right across the street is a huge Walmart. I completed homework and work for the night so I decided that I am going to reward myself with a six pack and what did I choose? Shocktops, these were very good. I got the Shocktops punpkin wheat limited edition and boy it rivals a summit any. Good stuff.

I'm working on my Masters of Education now and so I am constantly busy; therefore after each fair I go straight to the hotel and do work and homework. Another goal this year is to get healthy, so after the evening fairs, I would hit the gym and run a couple of miles. This wakes me up a bit so that I can do all the boring stuff at night. Yep, I had to lie to a several people a few times so that I don't get pressured to go out. I heard that they had a great time on Wednesday night at the Abbey in Green Bay. O'well, maybe next time.

Summarizing First 3 Weeks

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I'm going to break these parts into three entries like I have done in the past and I do apologize for not being able to keep up. I have been extremely busy such that I barely have time to complete work and homework so obviously blogging is the last thing on my mind. Why now? I woke up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep; been up since three. I slept too early last night and unless if I'm intoxicated, I can't sleep for more than 6 -7 hours before having to be on the go; hence I watch some TV on the bed and once I realize I'm probably going to be up for awhile, mind as well blog for my followers.

The first week I spent in Wisconsin covering the Wisconsin Educational Fairs (WEF). From there I came back to Minneapolis for the Nationals and then off to Chicago up until today. I've had my share of adventures and seen weird things but it's been mild compare to the past. So without further ado, here we go folks, ready for the ride?

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