June 29, 2005

High Blood Pressure

I assuming that i am on of the person that is not eating heatlhy living on earth. I find it to be hard trying to eat a healthy diet when one is o busy doing other things. After reading this paper I would have to said that i need to start eating more grains and fruits because it is rarely that one will find me eating anything fruits. I think the last time i had fruits was yesterday and that was also with carmel. So I tried not to think about it so much because it is hard to live on a good diet so i am just going by the flow and tried my hardest to eat as much healthy food as i can like once a week.

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High Blood Pressure

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Ape for food

I thought the article was pretty good. I enjoyed the reading and learn a lot about ape and other animals that was killed for food. In the article it mention that the hand of an ape was the best part and i just think that is sick. the hand is also uses for to strenght one abilities too and also as medicine too. That is kind of cool that one may gain strength through the hand of a ape. I would totaly like to tried some ape meat since in the articles it mention that ape meat are one of the best meat out there. I just want to tried it out and see what is all of the talk about like the first line or two in the article it mention that either once you love it you'll be in love or if you hated it you will always hate it. That is how food is and there are many foods that is a favorite to people and many thats people dislike, like me i love pho and it is one of the best food out there.

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June 27, 2005

The Founding Father

In the article "The Founding Father" it discuses those who risk theirs expensive and economic status to become something that is a risk. The article spent a great amount of time describing the life of Carl Karcher and his success and how Carl become a self-made man from taking a risk. I was amaze to find out that Anaheim was run by the Khans. I never really thought that the Khans has much influence in the western part of the country than in the south.
1960 to 1973 McDonald grew from 250 restaurants 3000.
L.A. became the second largest industrial cities in America due to WWII.
Half of the income of business comes from the companies that provides good to the war. Dave Thomas founded Wendy through working with fastfood and dropping out of school at age 15. Fast food industry was the hip and cool business to go into around this era but there were many who did not succeed.
CKE changes throughout the year and Carl was in the debts due to law suit.
Green Burito plan was to help the company out of debt.
Carhop was fairly popular due to the women and it drew a lot of teenagers to chose a fast food restaurant as a hangout spot.
There was a lot of cars in L.A. and traveling was easy which made fast food to be so popular because people were lazy.

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June 23, 2005

Food porn

"I knew that an average of 20,000 new food products are introduced in the United States each year, that an average of $10 million to $12 million is spent to advertise food products, and that up to $50 million is often spent to introduce a snack item."(o'neill 11).
This is very shocking to me because that is a lot of money that is spent on food. I found that up to $50 million is spent to introduce a snack item is just amazing because it seem like today our life are just being taken over by the industralize business. Just image what we can do with that money if it was use for a good cause like using it to prevent hunger in a world that needed.

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June 22, 2005

Candy Freak

"my friend had no such compunction. She unwrapped the carmel bar and took a bite. It was clear, simply from the way her mouth addressed the bar, that we were dealing with a diffrent grade of freak. Her bite was smooth and concerted-there was an obvious density at play here ( Almond 267). This is awesome because i have never have a piece of candy bar that would make me become a candy freak. I am a big fan of candy so i will only eat candy once in a very very long time. I would have to said that the carmel apple with nuts is my favorite but i am getting a little piece of sugar and fruits at the same time. Steve's friend must truely love candy by the way he describe her: "[through interrupted by two muted snaps, both of which caused her a quarter -moment of anguish, followd by a twing of delight, registered as a flushing upon her cheeks. She moaned. It was a lovely thing to hear. What kind of freak is this? This is to much description and it is just kind of scary thinking about it someone would love candy this much.

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Why The Fries Taste Good

I was amaze that during the world war II, potatoes became on of the main food in the military. I thought the potatoes and many of the U.S. crops was destroyed during the sand storm. It is amazing how Simplot became a wealthy man from just selling potatoes. Simplot started selling French fries in 1953 to McDonald and it became a favorite of people more than hamburger. I wish i could have been the one came up with french fries because Mcdonald's french fries are the best out of all the fast food branches such as Burger King, White Castle, Wendy. I would like to thanks Simplot for coming out with such a great idea of the french fries and selling it to McDonald.

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June 21, 2005

malnutrition 6/21/05

"Today, one in nearly seven people do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life hunger, making hunger and malnutrition the number one risk to health worldwide -- greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. "
I found that this is very shocking to know that one in seven people don't gain enough food to be healthy. I think that the reason why people are not getting enough food to maintain a healthy in the third world countries is due to war and the lack of support from the government. The government play a very important role in how to bring its country to a certain status but due to war and the money that is spent in war will cause the decline of the wealth and the status of the population. For example in this article it mention country like ethiopia where family lives in a environment that is not suitable for any living creative due to the lack of fund and support from the government. In order for people to live a healthy life and get all of the nurtrition and stop starvation we the people and country need to work together and enforce those government to do a better job regulating their support for the people to live a better life.

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Class posting 6/21/05

I found the reading to be very thankful to find that there is organization out there who are trying to assist people. This reading reminded me of Heiffer International Ranch in Arkansas. The ranch is an non-profit organization that tried to aid those who needed help by providing them with goods such as a cow or seed. The first born of an animal was pass on into the next family in the village and the cycle continue that way the people will have something other than just having nothing. In the reading for example "the one campaign" there is celebrities that join in the fundrasing but in heiffer ranch it is done only by the people and volunteer who wants to help those who are in need of help. I think the idea of G8 is great that the eight most wealthiest countries will come togehter to help fight proverty but why wait and not act now because with the wait more and more children are dying. So i think we should act now to decided wheather what is best.

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