June 22, 2005

Why The Fries Taste Good

I was amaze that during the world war II, potatoes became on of the main food in the military. I thought the potatoes and many of the U.S. crops was destroyed during the sand storm. It is amazing how Simplot became a wealthy man from just selling potatoes. Simplot started selling French fries in 1953 to McDonald and it became a favorite of people more than hamburger. I wish i could have been the one came up with french fries because Mcdonald's french fries are the best out of all the fast food branches such as Burger King, White Castle, Wendy. I would like to thanks Simplot for coming out with such a great idea of the french fries and selling it to McDonald.

Posted by herx0111 at June 22, 2005 9:45 AM