June 22, 2005

Candy Freak

"my friend had no such compunction. She unwrapped the carmel bar and took a bite. It was clear, simply from the way her mouth addressed the bar, that we were dealing with a diffrent grade of freak. Her bite was smooth and concerted-there was an obvious density at play here ( Almond 267). This is awesome because i have never have a piece of candy bar that would make me become a candy freak. I am a big fan of candy so i will only eat candy once in a very very long time. I would have to said that the carmel apple with nuts is my favorite but i am getting a little piece of sugar and fruits at the same time. Steve's friend must truely love candy by the way he describe her: "[through interrupted by two muted snaps, both of which caused her a quarter -moment of anguish, followd by a twing of delight, registered as a flushing upon her cheeks. She moaned. It was a lovely thing to hear. What kind of freak is this? This is to much description and it is just kind of scary thinking about it someone would love candy this much.

Posted by herx0111 at June 22, 2005 9:55 AM