June 27, 2005

The Founding Father

In the article "The Founding Father" it discuses those who risk theirs expensive and economic status to become something that is a risk. The article spent a great amount of time describing the life of Carl Karcher and his success and how Carl become a self-made man from taking a risk. I was amaze to find out that Anaheim was run by the Khans. I never really thought that the Khans has much influence in the western part of the country than in the south.
1960 to 1973 McDonald grew from 250 restaurants 3000.
L.A. became the second largest industrial cities in America due to WWII.
Half of the income of business comes from the companies that provides good to the war. Dave Thomas founded Wendy through working with fastfood and dropping out of school at age 15. Fast food industry was the hip and cool business to go into around this era but there were many who did not succeed.
CKE changes throughout the year and Carl was in the debts due to law suit.
Green Burito plan was to help the company out of debt.
Carhop was fairly popular due to the women and it drew a lot of teenagers to chose a fast food restaurant as a hangout spot.
There was a lot of cars in L.A. and traveling was easy which made fast food to be so popular because people were lazy.

Posted by herx0111 at June 27, 2005 9:13 AM