October 19, 2005

-Essay 2

-I think this essay is a little bit of a challenge, mainly because I dont really know how the kids at Lincoln are doing, and how they feel about their school. So this essay is mainly going to be facts I find on the internet, and how I think they feel. So I think that as soon as we start emailing or talking to each other this essay will be much easiler. I also think that if we don't get to talk to the kids there we won't really know how they feel, and we won't know what they do with their free time.
- My first draft is really bad, I can just tell because after I posted the first draft, I went back and read my paper, it didn't even make sense to me, and i was the one who wrote the paper, funny huh? But hopefully the final draft ends up better than the first one.

at October 19, 2005 1:33 PM