November 8, 2005

To: Sally

Hey Sally,
Sorry it's been kind of long since I wrote to you, but I had a lot of work dued. So how are you? Hopefully it's good. Are you doing well in school? I should've asked you this a while ago but what grade are you in? You know what else might help you in the future......You should try to rank really high in your class. Like in high school I was only in the top 33% of my class so I didn't get in to the college of my choice here at the University of Minnesota, so being smart isn't a bad thing if you want to get into a really good college. TIPS ON HOW TO BE A GOOD STUDENT......uh....let me see you can attend school everyday(unlike myself), try to be good to your teachers, always respect the teachers and people with authority, stay out of trouble, homework I'm pretty sure you're already doing all the things above. Right? I have 9 days left of this class, before the semester is over....haha I'm really excited kinda. Well uh...SEE YA!

at November 8, 2005 4:31 PM