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In the "California man jailed in alleged attempt to blow up Dearborn mosque" article in the Detroit Free Press, the lead works because it gives the reader the who, what, where, when, and why all in the first sentence. The reporter lets us know the most important aspects of the story in the first sentence.

The reporter tells us exactly where and when the incident took place. The reader also immediately knows who is involved. In the first sentence it is shown why the man is being arrested. However the writer waits until later in the article to let the reader know why he chose to do what he did. So, the lead gives a general summary of the story that follows. It works because the next few paragraphs give elaborated details as to what took place.

It is a straightforward hard-news lead that has no opinions, it is all facts. It works best as a hard-news lead because it is a sensitive issue. It deals with race, religion, and politics so a story about an attempted hate crime is best to keep as a hard-news story with a hard-news lead.

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