Iraq suffers 36 casualties from a suicide bomber

A suicide bomber killed 36 people on a bus full of Shiite pilgrims that was heading back from the al-Askari mosque in Iraq on Saturday, the USA Today reported.

This attack was the second in three days on visitors to the al-Askari mosque, which has commemorations of the death of a religious figure from the ninth century. The golden dome in Samarra, which is located 60 miles north of Baghdad, was destroyed by a bombing blamed on al-Qaeda on Feb. 22, 2006. It is still being rebuilt from the bombing but was not damaged in Saturday's attack, according to the USA Today.

Officials reported that 64 people were wounded in the bombing of a place that almost sparked a civil war between the Sunni and the Shiites when bombed a few years back., the Star Tribune reported.

Although the bombing resembles acts of al-Qaida or a Sunni-dominated militant organization, no one has claimed responsibility for the incident, according to the Star Tribune.

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