California synagogue bombing ruled an attack; suspect wanted by FBI and police task force

A suspect has been named after an explosion at a Jewish synagogue in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday was ruled an attack and not an accident like police originally thought, according to ABC News.

Ron Hirsch, 60, a transient who is familar with members of the synagogue and community center, is the suspect wanted by an FBI and police task force, ABC News reported.

Wanted for unrelated local charges and for possession of a destructive device, Hirsch had previously spent time at synagogues and other Jewish community centers seeking charity, according to the Star Tribune.

No on was injured from the blast, but it left shattered windows, a hole in the roof of the synagogue, and sent chunks of concrete and a heavy pipe crashing into a house, the Star Tribune reported.

Police have increased patrols around religious sites in Santa Monica and West Hollywood as the search for Hirsch has started, the Star Tribune reported.

Bomb technicians and detectives determined the explosion was deliberate after conducting forensic analysis and unearthing a large portion of the cement found, ABC News reported.

The device's strange construction of explosives inside of hundreds of pounds of concrete that was poured into a traschcan was the reason why the explosion was thought to be an industrial accident, the Star Tribune reported.

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