Cultural group analysis

I read an article in the USA Today about adoption. The article was called "Adoption increasingly crosses racial, ethical lines."

This article gave statistics that showed how parents with different race than their adopted children is becoming more common. It explains that multi-racial families are becoming more normal.

An interesting point in the article was the opinion of an associate professor in the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago who said that parents with the goals of teaching their kids to be "colorblind" might actually be a wrong approach.

I had a source lined up for this analysis but something came up and they backed out on me. Therefore I will analyze it myself. This article did seem a little stereotypical to me. Gina Samuels, the associate professor, was quoted as saying "Colorblindness actually creates discordance." Essentially Samuels is saying that this makes children think race doesn't matter. To me it was almost framed as if even with the advancement of multi-racial families, society is not improving with racial issues.

Also, statistics are given about international children and national children being adopted, but there is no statistic about what race is adopting them. This article seemed to throw in quotes that portrayed the information as bad information. I think that a child of any race being adopted by a family of any race is a good thing. If that child is given a home and if that home teaches that race doesn't matter, then that child will grow up that way and society will advance. The quotes took away from the statistics.

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