Houston twins charged with murder after letting their fallen mother die

The twin sons of an 89-year-old mother, who fell on the floor and body was left to rot for three months, were charged with murder in Houston on Tuesday, according to the Star Tribune.

Edwin Larry Berndt and Edward Christian Berndt, both 48, were arrested after a neighbor phoned police on Monday and said she had not seen their mother Sybil Berndt since January, the Star Tribune reported.

Police were told by the twins that she fell on the floor, and they left her there without giving her food or water. She died three days later where her decomposing body became bug-infested. The twins said they did not have enough money to bury their mother and did not want to go to jail, the Star Tribune reported.

A person familar with the family said the twins have serious mental issues and did not murder their mother, but a detective working the case says that he talked with the twins and does not think they have any mental issues, according to WCHS6.com

After discovering the elderly Berndt face down in a nightgown, police found bank statements in her name totaling about $700,000, the Star Tribune reported.

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