Record and analysis with computer skills reporting: Analysis

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In this story, the reporter used computer-assisted reporting to help move the story along. The story is about high radon levels in a basement where police in Ann Arbor, Mich. worked.

It used records and analysis from the past to give the story merit. For instance, in the analysis it compared the level of radon in the building compared to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's action level. The article claimed the levels in the basement were seven times the action level. By doing this, it puts into perspective the risk the officers were asked. I, for one, do not know much about radon levels. But, if you tell me that a building's radon level is seven time what the EPA says it should be, I know that something is not right and there is a story to be told.

This reporter uses computer skills to put numbers and averages into perspective. The reporter uses statistics from the EPA to give the reader an ideal of the exact number. The EPA gives a statistic and the reporter breaks it down and gives an exact number.

The reporter uses the records to enhance the analysis. The whole article averages and comparisons are being broke down to make his points. Some of these numbers have been figured out by using a computer. Averages and EPA radon levels have been analyzed by computer reporting to advance the story.

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