Thousands mourn the six deaths from shooting spree in the Netherlands

The six people killed at a crowded mall were mourned during church services outside of Amsterdam Sunday, while officials wondered what the motives were for the attacker who had three firearms with him when he opened fire in the Netherlands, the Star Tribune reported.

Tristan van der Vlis, 24, the identified attacker, had an illegal weapons possession charge against him in 2003 that was eventually dropped. Van der Vlis opened fire in Alphen aan den Rijn with an apparent machine gun on Saturday. Van der Vlis shot himself in the head after wounding 15 others which added to the six fatalities at the Ridderhog mall, according to the Star Tribune.

Van der Vlis left a suicide note for his parents saying he was unhappy, but said nothing of killing others. Van der Vlis left no motive for shooting innocent civilians, according to the Australian.

Among the thousands of people at the ceremony near the shopping center of the killing spree was Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the Australian reported.

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