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Four civilians and one soldier were killed by a suicide bomber at a local peace committee in Pakistan on Saturday, reported.

The attack on the security forces convoy also injured five civilians and two more soliders in the Bajaur district town of Sarlarzai, according to CNNcom.

Pakistani anit-Taliban militia leader Malik Manasib Khan, who had survived four previous attempts on his life, was killed when the bomber blew himself up before the vehicle Khan was in, Google News reported.

The bombing has yet to be claimed by any party, according to Google News.

Prince Harry promoted

The British army promoted Prince Harry to captain, Windsor Palace announced on Sunday, according to

Third in line to the throne, Prince Harry, 26, will now be known in the military as Capt. Harry Wales, according to

The new captain in the Air Corps., who also completed an eight-month course of night flying and ground school training, also received his Apache badge on Thursday, ABC News reported.

The six people killed at a crowded mall were mourned during church services outside of Amsterdam Sunday, while officials wondered what the motives were for the attacker who had three firearms with him when he opened fire in the Netherlands, the Star Tribune reported.

Tristan van der Vlis, 24, the identified attacker, had an illegal weapons possession charge against him in 2003 that was eventually dropped. Van der Vlis opened fire in Alphen aan den Rijn with an apparent machine gun on Saturday. Van der Vlis shot himself in the head after wounding 15 others which added to the six fatalities at the Ridderhog mall, according to the Star Tribune.

Van der Vlis left a suicide note for his parents saying he was unhappy, but said nothing of killing others. Van der Vlis left no motive for shooting innocent civilians, according to the Australian.

Among the thousands of people at the ceremony near the shopping center of the killing spree was Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the Australian reported.

NATO's request was granted by the U.S. for an extension of 48 hours of American participation in airstrikes against targets in Libya, reported.

NATO asked the U.S. to extend their support by two days in a mission that started two weeks ago. The U.S. was originally going to hand off all strike missions to other nations by Saturday, U.S. officials said on Thursday, according to Fox

Although Muammar al-Qaddafi is still in power, America's naval and air forces were going to stop their combat missions in Libya, Fox reported.

The Taliban claims they kidnapped 50 police officers in northeastern Afghanistan on Sunday, the USA Today reported.

Four vehicles carrying a group of unarmed people traveling the Chapa Dara district were captured. A spokesperson for the Taliban says that no civilians were among those kidnapped, according to

"We will take a decision about the captured policemen according to the situation and enemies' actions," a Taliban spokesman said, according to

A no-fly zone over Libya was requested by the Arab League to the Western powers on Saturday as they seek help against the fledgling rebel movement against Moammar Gaddafi, the Washington Post reported.

The United Nations Security Council was asked to impose the no-flight zone over Libya by the Arab league. The Arab League hopes to stop Col. Myammar el-Qaddafi's attacks against his own people which is giving hopes to the rebels, the New York Times reported.

This allows the United States and Europe to act against the objections of China and Russia and to push for a stronger Security Council resolution, according to the New York Times.

This move has put pressure on the Obama administration to intervene in the three-week war, according to the New York Times.

The United States has not announced their decision about pursuing a resolution yet, the New York Times reported.

Rebel forces from the eastern part of Libya were pushed back by air strikes and ground fighting from forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Sunday, according to

Both sides have been claiming successes as the fighting in Libya has continued on for the third week, reported.

Libya's state televison claimed the government forces retook disputed parts of Libya as fighting intensified. However a spokesman for the opposition claimed that the television report is wrong and the rebel forces are still in control of the territiories, reported.

The government troops went 120 miles east of Tripoli, the capital, into Misrata. The rebel forces reportedly let them in and attacked them with anti-aircraft guns and mortars, pushing the government troops back out, USA Today reported.

Libya seems to be heading towards a civil war. The uprising against Gadhafi that began on Feb. 15 is becoming bloodier and both sides seem weak and poorly trained, according to the USA Today.

New premier named in Tunisia following weekend protests

A new premier in Tunisia has been named by Tunisia's interim president Foued Mebazza on Sunday, according to Yahoo! News.

"I proposed Beji Caid Essebsi for the position of prime minister, and he has accepted the responsbility," Mebazza said through a statement, Yahoo! News said.

Essebsi will replace longtime premier Mohammed Ghannouchi. Ghannouchi resigned on Sunday in hopes to bring stability back to the North African nation, according to the USA Today.

At least five people were killed over the weekend as a demonstraton turned violent. The protestors demanded resignation in the transitional government from some ministers, Yahoo! News reported.

Ghannouchi was believed to be to close to Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who had been under a month of protests and was overthrown in January, the USA Today said.

Suicide bomb in Afghanistan leaves 38 dead

Seven suicide bombers disguised as border police leave 38 dead from an attack on a Afghanistan bank on Sunday, according to Sky News.

Thirteen police officers and seven Afghan national army soldiers were among those killed. Seventeen civilians were also killed in the third attack in the last seven days aimed at Afghan police, Sky News reported.

The bank attacked handles the Afghan police and armed forces salaries and is a branch of the Kabulbank, Sky News reported.

The Taliban has taken credit for the attack on the bank, which isn't the first time they have targeted the Kabul Bank. They previously have claimed that the bank is corrupt since the Afghan government is backed by the U.S., the Wall Street Journal reported.

Iraq suffers 36 casualties from a suicide bomber

A suicide bomber killed 36 people on a bus full of Shiite pilgrims that was heading back from the al-Askari mosque in Iraq on Saturday, the USA Today reported.

This attack was the second in three days on visitors to the al-Askari mosque, which has commemorations of the death of a religious figure from the ninth century. The golden dome in Samarra, which is located 60 miles north of Baghdad, was destroyed by a bombing blamed on al-Qaeda on Feb. 22, 2006. It is still being rebuilt from the bombing but was not damaged in Saturday's attack, according to the USA Today.

Officials reported that 64 people were wounded in the bombing of a place that almost sparked a civil war between the Sunni and the Shiites when bombed a few years back., the Star Tribune reported.

Although the bombing resembles acts of al-Qaida or a Sunni-dominated militant organization, no one has claimed responsibility for the incident, according to the Star Tribune.

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