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Selig and Major League Baseball take Dodgers from McCourt

Frank McCourt's ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers was taken over by Major League Baseball on Wednesday, YAHOO! reported.

A trustee will be appointed by Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. Selig told McCourt, who is preparing to sue MLB, the day-to-day operations and business aspects of the club will be overseen by the trustee yet to be announced, according to YAHOO!.

McCourt, who has had known financial issues dating back to at least 2009, needed a $30-million loan from Fox to meet the Dodgers' first payroll of the 2011 season. Selig stepped in as the Dodgers had more than $430 million in long-term debt as of 2009, the Los Angeles Times reported.

McCourts' divorce with Jamie McCourt has remained unresolved while McCourt has been unable to seal a solution for managing the Dodgers' debts, and improving their stadium and team. Tickets sales are around 17,000 this year, which is down 10,000 from 2007, according to the Los Angeles Times.

9 fatalities so far in deathly Arkansas and Oklahoma tornado

At least nine fatalities have surfaced after a tornado caused destruction to several towns in Arkansas and Oklahoma on Thursday, according to the USA Today.

Another 25 people were also reported injured in the storm that ripped apart the only school in a small Oklahoma town and launched trees into several Arkansas homes, the USA Today reported.

The tornado resembles the horrible weather across the country. About 90,000 homes and businesses lost power in North Texas due to a strong thunderstorm, parts of Wisconsin reported tornadoes, South Dakota had snow, and the Red River has caused issues for residents in North Dakota and Minnesota, ABC News reported.

The twin sons of an 89-year-old mother, who fell on the floor and body was left to rot for three months, were charged with murder in Houston on Tuesday, according to the Star Tribune.

Edwin Larry Berndt and Edward Christian Berndt, both 48, were arrested after a neighbor phoned police on Monday and said she had not seen their mother Sybil Berndt since January, the Star Tribune reported.

Police were told by the twins that she fell on the floor, and they left her there without giving her food or water. She died three days later where her decomposing body became bug-infested. The twins said they did not have enough money to bury their mother and did not want to go to jail, the Star Tribune reported.

A person familar with the family said the twins have serious mental issues and did not murder their mother, but a detective working the case says that he talked with the twins and does not think they have any mental issues, according to

After discovering the elderly Berndt face down in a nightgown, police found bank statements in her name totaling about $700,000, the Star Tribune reported.

A suspect has been named after an explosion at a Jewish synagogue in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday was ruled an attack and not an accident like police originally thought, according to ABC News.

Ron Hirsch, 60, a transient who is familar with members of the synagogue and community center, is the suspect wanted by an FBI and police task force, ABC News reported.

Wanted for unrelated local charges and for possession of a destructive device, Hirsch had previously spent time at synagogues and other Jewish community centers seeking charity, according to the Star Tribune.

No on was injured from the blast, but it left shattered windows, a hole in the roof of the synagogue, and sent chunks of concrete and a heavy pipe crashing into a house, the Star Tribune reported.

Police have increased patrols around religious sites in Santa Monica and West Hollywood as the search for Hirsch has started, the Star Tribune reported.

Bomb technicians and detectives determined the explosion was deliberate after conducting forensic analysis and unearthing a large portion of the cement found, ABC News reported.

The device's strange construction of explosives inside of hundreds of pounds of concrete that was poured into a traschcan was the reason why the explosion was thought to be an industrial accident, the Star Tribune reported.

Roller coaster fall kills 3-year-old boy in suburban Chicago

A fall out of a roller coaster killed a 3-year-old boy at an indoor amusement park in suburban Chicago Saturday, the Star Tribune reported.

Jayson Dansby, 3, who was pronounced dead at the scene, was riding a small roller coaster with his twin brother when he freed himself from the safety bar. Wedged between two cars, he proceeded to fall about three or four feet from a moving roller coaster, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Ruled an accident, the cause of death was officially listed as multiple injuries by the Cook County medical examiner, according to the Star Tribune.

Missing hiker's body found dead in California

A missing hiker's body was found Sunday near the Coyote Flats area of the Angeles National Forest in California by friends, relatives, and enforcement officials, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Joe Le, 20, a hiker who was swept away by the current on Friday, is believed to be the body found Sunday, according to

Le was swept downstream while trying to cross the cold, waist-high waters along a rope crossing, his hiking partner Brian Tran said, reported.

An official identification has yet to be made by the coroner's office, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A paraplegic woman was tentatively granted the right to see her 4-year-old triplets by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge on Friday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Abbie Dorn, 34, who communicates by blinking, will be allowed a five-day visit and a monthly online Skype visit every year up until a trial in a custody case with her ex-husband, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Dan Dorn divorced her a year after an error in childbirth left her brain damaged to the point where she cannot walk, talk, or eat. Dorn, who is raising the three triplets in Los Angeles, believes his ex-wife will never recover, according to the Star Tribune.

Abbie Dorn is being cared for by her parents in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Her parents are suing for permanent visitation rights while Dan Dorn's attorney argues she is not capable of being a parent, the Star Tribune reported.

Involuntary manslaughter was the verdict Friday for two former Blackwater contractors charged for the death of an Afghan civilian two years ago, USA Today reported.

However, Christopher Drotleff of Virginia Beach and Justin Cannon of Corpus Christi, Texas, were aquitted of murder, assault, and weapons charges by the federal jury in Norfolk, Va., according to the USA Today.

If they were convicted of murder and weapons charges a life sentence could have been given to the two men. The death of a second unarmed civilian was also acquitted by the jury, the New York Times reported.

The defense claimed the men were acting out of self defense and the prosecutors claimed the men shot at a car out of anger and frustration when a unarmed passenger was killed, the USA Today reported.

Eight years is the maximum sentence for the two men, according to the New York Times.

A central California county prosecutor, who has been working almost a full year since a warrant for his arrest was issued, resigned after his superiors were informed of his legal issues, the Star Tribune reported Friday.

Merced County Deputy District Attorney Matthew Shelton, 43, failed to appear in court for driving on a supspended license and speeding. A bench warrant was issued last April while Shelton still handled misdemeanors and felony cases at work, the Star Tribune said.

Shelton's superiors learned of his arrest warrant after his car was towed in front of their office in Merced County on Feb. 25. A police officer told Shelton's superiors on March 2 about his outstanding warrant, the Merced Sun-Star reported.

Shelton also practiced law illegaly in 2008 while being suspended by the State Bar of California for a month. Practicing law without being an active member of the state bar is a mmisdemeanor in California, according to the Merced Sun-Star.

Representatives from the Merced County district attorney's said they were unaware of Shelton's suspension from the state bar until they were notiied of his warrant, the Merced Sun-Star reported.

Protesters supporting U.S. Muslims demonstrated in Times Square about the Congressional hearing in radicalization of U.S. Muslims Sunday, Reuters reported.

A crowd of a few hundred claimed that bigotry and ignorance is behind anti-Muslim sentiments in the United States was the reason for the hearing by New York Republican Rep. Peter King on radicalization of U.S. Muslims, according to Reuters.

Feisal Abdul Raug, a co-founder for the islamic center that was planned to be near the World Trade Center cite, spoke to the crowd, the USA Today reported.

"Our real enemy is not Islam or Muslims. The enemy is extremism and radicalism and radical ideaology," Raug said, according to the USA Today.

King, who is the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has planned hearings starting Thursday and said that some American Muslims are being radicalized by affiliates of al-Qaeda, USA Today reported.

"To the Peter Kings of the world: We will not take your xenophobic behavior," Democratic Congressman Andre Carson of Indiana said, according to USA Today.

A few blocks from the King's hearings a smaller group gathered to support the hearings, the USA Today reported.

Russell Simmons of Hip-hop fame also addressed the crowd telling them he wants entertainers and sports figures to become involved about the issue. Simmons said he wanted "to make sure that this rally is taken to the next generation and to a new age," the USA Today reported.

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