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Establishing this Blog in Wayne's Memory

We have established this Wayne Caron Memorial Page to give Wayne's friends, colleagues, and family a space in which to share their memories, tributes, thoughts, poems, pictures, or links to external websites. Wayne was such a lover of technology -- we think he would approve. Please e-mail us things you would like us to post, and we will be happy to do so. A dedicated e-mail address for submissions will be available very soon and will be posted here. In the meantime, you can send posts to or or
Thank you.


Thanks for making this memorial available. It helps the grieving to see his legacy in so many ways manifested here. I will always miss him and oh, how I wish he were still here with us.

Wayne. You were a jewel, a gem. When we were teenagers you were already the caretaker, the warm friend, the sweetest of hearts. I was blessed to meet your family. I wish them all strength and gentleness. May all of us find that as time passes our memories will feel less bitter-tainted by your loss-and more sweet. Goodbye my friend.