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Solace in Song

Hi Everyone,

In thinking about the shocking news of Wayne’s passing, I wanted to share a couple of songs with you that have been meaningful to me this past year in dealing with the deaths of my father last august, my close friend of nearly 20 years Beth in September, and my aunt this past June. It just seems really hard to make any sense of especially such an early and sudden death, and these songs help me in thinking about Wayne. They are by my favorite singer/songwriter Peter Mayer, and he has clips at his website www.petermayer.net, or full songs on itunes if you want to hear the music along with the words (too big to try to include here!).

Best to you,

Mary W-K

The Longest Night

Light a candle, sing a song
Say that the shadows shall not cross
Make an oblation out of all you’ve lost
In the longest night

Gather friends and cast your hopes
Into the fire as it snows
And stare at God through the dark windows
Of the longest night
Of the year

A night that seems like a lifetime
If you’re waiting for the sun
So why not sing to the nighttime
And the burning stars up above?

Come with drums, bells and horns
Or come in silence, come forlorn
Come like a miner to the door
Of the longest night

For deep in the stillness, deep in the cold
Deep in the darkness, a miner knows
That there is a diamond in the soul
Of the longest night
Of the year


Maybe peace hides in a storm
Maybe winter’s heart is warm
And maybe light itself is born
In the longest night
In the longest night
Of the year


When winter’s gray is on the sky
Rust upon the leaves that lie
Red on the last few berries clinging
Brown on the branch where the bitter wind’s singing
Even when white obscures the scene
Still, in winter, there is green

Waving defiant pine tree boughs
Cedar needles, stubborn and proud
Hiding inside the seeds of summer
And deep in the root where it sleeps undercover
Patiently waiting there unseen
In the winter, there is green

Death may raise its voice today
O but life will have its say
Speaking in lovers and in children
In poets pens and philosopher’s visions
Life is a planet’s daring dream
Earth’s devotion, spoken in green

So keep it in your winter store
Hang its garland ‘round the door
Grant to your heart its hopeful promise
Fashion a wreath for its blessing upon us
Winter brings browns and grays indeed
But when it comes, remember green