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Words From Andrea Thorson

Dr. Caron was the first exposure I had to the Department of Family Social Science. I took his Intimate Relations course a year before I chose to major in the program. Dr. Caron's passion for learning about families, without a doubt, greatly influenced my decision to study Family Social Science.

During my first semester in the program, I also took his Family Research course. Research is not an appealing topic to everyone, but he made learning about dissertations fun! It is because of him that I value and recognize the importance of research.

I don't ever remember Dr. Caron wearing nothing less than a smile on his face. He always picked a fun song to play during class breaks, especially during Intimate Relations lectures when he matched songs to different love styles.

Although Dr. Caron's drive and love for studying families impacted my life, it is after his sudden passing that I realize it was his drive and love for life which impacted my life the most.

Thank you, Dr. Caron. I will never forget you. To Dr. Caron's family--you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Andrea Thorson (Minneapolis, MN)