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Words from Aria Elavsky

Dr. Caron was my professor a year and a half ago. During the last week of
class with him I had something very personal and tragic happen to me. It
caused me to miss my final. I expected to either just miss my final and
suffer the consequences or maybe, if he allowed, retake it as soon as I
could. I called him and to talk about this and I remember his empathy most.
He told me to take care of myself and my family and not to worry about the
final until I was ok. I remember his words "You don't even think about
school right now". I was so touched by this. I went to his office a week or
two later and finally took my last exam with him. He was an incredible
teacher who showed great sensitivity. He didn't seem like just another
professor, he seemed like a man with many great talents, one being