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Words From Colleen Hagan

Earlier today I was talking to my grandma and she told me that someone had
died, but I wouldn't know him. I asked who and she said, "Dr. Wayne
Caron from the University." I was shocked thinking I must have heard
wrong or maybe there happened to be another Dr. Wayne Caron. I said,
"grandma I do know him he was my professor for my two favorite classes
I have taken at the U." I guess I never made the connection that she
and my grandpa used to go to his Alzheimer's groups Saturday mornings
before my grandpa died. She said he just loved my grandpa...I wish I
had known that they knew each other. Dr. Caron had such passion about
his work. It came across in each and every lecture. I cannot express in
words how much I enjoyed listening to his lectures for both Intimate
Relationships and Families and Aging. He taught me so much and always
had a way of engaging his students. I had so much respect for him as a
professor and was really inspired by his work with the geriatric
population. I just want to say that I know he will be missed by so many
people, people of all ages from all different backgrounds. I'm sorry he
had to leave so soon. For all of you who were close to Dr. Caron you
are in my thoughts.
Colleen Hagan (Shoreview, MN)