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Words from Cynthia Meyer

Like many others, I continue to sit in disbelief as I think about Wayne's
death. I am in my office, fairly late on Wednesday night, a time when
normally Wayne would be in the office next door to me. I have known Wayne
for over 25 years, first as a fellow graduate student and most recently as
colleagues in the Family Social Science department. I have been thinking
about what I have loved about Wayne: his irreverent humor, his strong
opinions, his ability to connect with so many people irregardless of
background, his dedication to his family, his dedication to his work, his
ability to make a good story out of almost any situation.

I have realized how I have come to depend on Wayne in so many ways. Need a
perspective on university politics? Talk to Wayne. Need an obscure
reference that no one else seems to know? Talk to Wayne. Need support with
regards to a student issue? Talk to Wayne. Need someone to talk to about
some small event from 27 years ago? Talk to Wayne. Need to have someone
re-frame the current situation in a positive way? Talk to Wayne.

It is hard to imagine our community without Wayne. He is, and will continue
to be, missed. I feel very lucky to have known him.

Cynthia Meyer