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Words From Deepa Ram-Souza

An amazingly brilliant mentor; What a tragic loss for his students, colleagues, and family. He had a way of crystallizing the foggiest of concepts and driving his points home with wit, charm, and lasting impressions. Dr. Caron wll be missed greatly. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Chris, your father touched the lives of many. Be proud.

Deepa Ram-Souza (Andover, MN)


It wasvery shocking to hear Doctor Wayne death, I could not believe to until today. I feel that when I come back to school on September 4th 2007, I would still see him, but I won't. Professor Wayne was a very good teacher, who was prepared more than any teacher. He was very prepared on helping us to
succesed on classes he taught us. I am very sad that I won't be able to see him and more. He is one of my best teacher in FSoS. He was very hard worker on what he did as a teacher or researcher. As Preffesor Goodman mentioned on the first e.mail we got from him, the department in FSoS is in dark without his light. He was menioned by many students and teachers that he was a good as human being can be to people he knew well and to people he met for short time of period. It very tragic for all of as a student, proffesor staff, and family members.

I am looking for Halima wako, since long time a go please would you mind to keep me in touch.