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Words From Gregg Schacher

This is a tremendous loss on so many different levels. I'll always remember Wayne's sense of history, both about himself and the family social science department. He was like a bard for the department, a keeper of the collected wisdom and experience of the whole family. He was constantly remembering stories about his growth with faculty members and students, both in his days as a student and more recently as a faculty member himself. He had a way of honoring those he had been touched & challenged by. He didn't just quote people, he introduced you to them through his stories and his personal encounters with them. I often felt like he was sharing his "family" with me through these stories. And he also had a sense of his own history. He was humble enough to talk about his faults and foibles and where he learned to grapple with honest self-reflection. In this way he was able to relate to so many people in a way that nurtured courage and confidence. His history reflected a sense that he had survived and had been blessed to share some of his learnings with others; I know that he delighted in sharing himself freely with others so that we could learn through him. He loved spontaneous conversations--saturated with stories--and was never afraid of where they might lead. In my mind this bold openness to meet others where they were at and to share these stories of himself and his "family" may be his greatest legacy. I will miss him immensely.

Gregg Schacher (Minneapolis, MN)