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Words From Jan McCulloch

Today (Monday) I've been dealing with lots of things relating to the shock of Wayne's death. Now, at the end of the day, I have taken some time to read the entries in this guest book. I wish I was eloquent enough to add something as meaningful as these entries.

When I read about his passion for teaching and helping others, I remember my conversations with him about these passions and taking good care of himself. When I read about students' reflections concerning the impact he had on their lives, I see the teaching awards he won over the years. When I see entries about the Family Caregiving Center, I see his most recent award -- for Outstanding Contributions to Engagement and Outreach.

Wayne remains a shining example of an invested life. He leaves behind students who also are passionate about the care of elders, families who can face the difficulties of dealing with dementia, and colleagues who are reeling from the realization that he will not be with us as we plan for our future.

For all of us -- family, friends, colleagues, and students -- I grieve. However, as we grieve, my hope is that we also celebrate his extraordinary life -- a life that truly has made a difference in the lives of others! May we all be as passionate about how we live in the world.

Jan McCulloch (Blaine, MN)