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Words From Jane Tornatore

Back in the mid-80’s I called FSoS to see if anyone would take on a volunteer who had no experience in family science. They sent me to Pauline Boss who sent me to Wayne. He was my first introduction to the world of Alzheimer’s. He truly cared for people with Alzheimer’s and their families. He helped instill in me a profound respect for people living with the disease and enabled me to see they were people first, not a disease. When I came to FSoS as a graduate student, Wayne offered me the opportunity to lead a support group with him for people who had the disease…one of the first such groups in the country. I always came away with a profound appreciation for his skills as a therapist and group leader. I have continued my work with people with Alzheimer’s and am still leading groups for the people with the disease 17 years later. I had the opportunity last year to sit in on his Saturday morning group and, once again, I saw his passion and ability to connect to people who are often seen as only a disease.

Wayne’s intelligence, fiercely independent thinking, and intuition were a frequent source of support to me through-out graduate school and beyond. He had an ability to inspire, especially when the way looked bleak. Thank you Wayne for everything you obviously gave the world, and to me. You will be truly missed. Christopher, he loved you beyond measure…you were the light of his life. No Dad could be more proud.

Jane Tornatore (Seattle, WA)