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Words from Kristen Swan

It is profoundly difficult to know how to adequately respond to this extremely sad and unexpected news of Wayne's passing. I feel in some ways as if we "grew up together", since I was privileged to have been one of his classmates in graduate school in the early 80's. We helped each other find our way through the Family Social Science department and enjoyed many occasions of laughter and learning together. I was always impressed with his fine intellect and capacity for learning and applying and passing on what he knew. I learned much from him as a classmate and was thrilled when I saw that he had become a distinguished member of the faculty. He possessed a special humanness, warmth and candor that did much to promote the mission of the Family Social Science department. What a gift he was to his students and colleagues and what a terrible loss they are experiencing.
Wayne was one who never took himself too seriously and was a person with whom I always felt emotionally safe and respected. He had a tender heart that truly cared about the people to whom he dedicated his research and life's work.
I will always remember his smile, his infectious laugh and quick wit. I will cherish the enjoyable times we had together as students and colleagues and mourn the lost opportunities to have known him better into our older years. He has helped countless people in his life and leaves an indelible mark in the lives of those who were privileged to have known him. My very deepest sympathies to his family, colleagues and friends.

Kristen Swan (Richfield, MN)