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Words From Leah Andersen

Dr. Caron was the first professor I had in the Family Social Science program at the U. He really challenged students to think creatively and participate often. I continued to take as many of his classes as I could before I graduated. He had a way of engaging everyone and really leaving us with something to think about. One day in his special topics class about caring for families dealing with Alzheimers, about four years ago, a fellow student asked Dr. Caron how we were supposed to work with people and care for them without getting emotionally involved. What Dr. Caron said has stayed with me to this day. He said, "Why would you want to work with people and NOT be emotionally involved? If you're not doing your job out of love, you should find a new job."

What a wonderful man. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. He will be missed.

Leah Andersen (Milwaukee, WI)