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Words From Lynn Von Korff

This is too sad and too sudden. The only thing that brings relief is to remember that Professor Caron's warmth, generosity, and engagement as a mentor and teacher will live among the many students, families, and others he touched. I still remember how he held up the assigned text on the first day of his course, Families and Aging, many years ago. He warned us that the material was very difficult, but, he assured us, it was unquestionably the best text for the course. To this day I remember the excitement his words generated. He was saying to us "you matter as people and as learners; I do not take you or your curiosity for granted." He delivered on the promise too; his course was outstanding. I will always be grateful for his willingness to talk with me as I clarified my thoughts and writing about gender and caregiving. He will be missed and missed deeply. He cared so much about people and the effects of aging on those we love. My heart goes out to all of you as we grieve his loss.

Lynn Von Korff (Minneapolis, MN)