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Words From Pauline Boss

I first met Wayne Caron when he was a graduate student in FSoS; then he
became my research assistant, par excellence, as we worked with the
Veteran's Adminstration on the five year Caregving for Alzheimer's Disease
project. This was the 1980's. Since then, Dr. Caron has become a colleague
in the dept of FSoS. As a teacher, researcher, and therapist, he was highly
esteemed by his colleagues, students and the many families he helped . But
above all, I want to say that Wayne continally talked to me abouty his son,
Christopher. From the day he was born to just last week, when Wayne told me
of his son's leaving for college, I could see his immense pride and
satisfaftion with his son. He was so many things to me, but indeed, he was
a father above all. Christopher, you had a wonderful father and I am so
glad to have known and worked with him.

Pauline Boss, Professor Emeritus