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Note from Karen Irvin

I first met Wayne when he came to Hennepin County Domestic Relations as part of a research team studying "Conflict Resolution Counseling," (which evolved into mediation services for separating and divorcing families.) His intelligence and knack for research were immediately clear; but he combined them with humor and warmth that later led to him being hired to provide services to these families.

Wayne became "family" to me when he and my niece married and had a son, Christopher. Although we did not see each other often, as our work was taking us in different directions, we were able to connect a few times every year, either at family or professional events. It was always a warm, enthusiatic reunion, laced with humor and memories of our days at "DR."

The other thing I will always remember about Wayne is his assistance as I attempted to complete my doctorate. I don't know if I still hold the record (I believe my good friend Cara Beames may be in competition!!), but it was a long, slow process for me to decide and then complete the dissertation. Wayne assured me that I could do it and that he could help. He made the research and statistical components clear and even fun to sort out and understand. He relieved my anxiety about a process in which I felt less than adequate, and, again, he always did so with humor and respect.

I am sad to think that I will not be seeing the twinkle in Wayne's eyes as he smiled and laughed and that I will no longer hear his "take" on developments in the field of marriage and family therapy.

Fondly, Karen Irvin