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Words from Kathryn Mitchell

Today as I watched the sweaty, suffering masses run the Twin Cities marathon, I remembered the last time I saw Wayne. He was at the marathon with a group of folks cheering on a woman who was running for her impaired father, and raising funds for Wayne's Caregiving Center programs. I was struck today by both the absence and the presence of Wayne now. Somehow he is always there and yet there is this hole of absence left by his sudden death. The challenge left, for those of us who had the great honor to know him, will be to live in a way that honors his life. One of his childhood friends talked of his constant effort to not just be himself, but to improve. He constantly worked on himself and worked with his families and clients in just this same very caring and thoughtful way. Somehow his legacy has got to be about this unusual characteristic. No more "This is just who I am", rather I am working toward being, deeper, more thoughtful, caring, more loving, more human.....
-Kathryn Mitchell (Saint Paul, MN)