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Words from Ana Memedovich

It took this long for me to be able to write about the loss of Wayne and about the greatness of knowing him. Wayne's family said that they enjoyed reading this...so just for them...one more testament of how wonderful Wayne was, how much of an impact he had on his friends and how time does not take away the pain of losing him. Just like many said, he adored you Chris, he talked about you all the time and he was extremely proud of you. I think he was the happiest as your father. After the 35W bridge collapse, Wayne told me that if he was to die tomorrow, he will die as a happy and accomplished man. He added, though, that he has no such plans since he believed that life would bring him many more great things in the years to come. His optimism, acceptance, kindness, caring and certain vulnerabilities made us all more human, they made us all better people, better parents. Wayne's greatest gift would be to know that Chris does well from now on, as he always had faith that he would.

-Ana Memedovich (Roseville, MN)