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August 10, 2005

Lives Cut Short

I have been totally drawn into the ABC special about Peter Jennings, news anchor and foreign correspondent extraordinaire. I was always impressed by the excellence of his work, but the show has highlighted his passion and compassion, his love of learning (despite never having finished high school), and his desire to communicate (e.g., teach) others. He was a voracious reader and loved to travel and learn from his experiences in the world. The testimonials from his friends and colleagues have been incredible. He died at the age of 67, too early. Today, I also mourn the loss of a former university colleague, Bill Ryan. Even though I never met Bill in person, I felt great affection toward him because he was one of those wonderfully helpful tech people who coached me through a number of computer crises several years ago. Bill was only 38. Lung cancer killed Peter; brain cancer killed Bill. It's important to pause and honor those whose lives have passed ... and to learn from them.

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