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August 19, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging - meet Mackenzie


Pookie's our sedate one, Shadow's the noisy one, and Mackenzie (pictured above) is the quiet one. She's petite and very circumspect, never forcing herself into a situation (unlike her BIG brothers). When she settles in for a cuddle, she's more relaxed than any of her tribe-mates. She's the best nurse-cat in the family, for those days when you're feeling yucky.

She easily moves in and out of coalitions with the others, but is not quite as tightly bonded as are Pookie and Sadie. But if she has a preferred pair-mate, it's probably Shadow. Opposites attract, they say. Here she is (on the left) with Shadow (on the right).

Mackenzie and Shadow2.jpg

Mackenzie's strangest characteristic is that she EATS WOOL - and the more expensive, the better. Unfortunately, we discovered this after she had already done a substantial amount of damage to my wife's wardrobe. She doesn't nibble - she eats big holes in the middle of garments. I thought maybe this was indicative of a vitamin deficiency (or some such thing), but apparently some cats like to eat wool. We have had many cats over many years, and Mackenzie is the first wool-eater. I would be interested to hear other cat/wool stories. For some reason, she has stopped doing this - no damage in the past year, although my wife has rearranged her clothes so that they are not so easily accessible.

Mackenzie also carries things along (reminiscent of Carrie's comment about her dog-cat). She is especially fond of a wool sock (of course) and a winter glove that has fur lining. These items keep appearing all over the house. But she is a warm, wonderful cat who, like her tribe-mates, has wormed her way into our lives.

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