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October 9, 2005

This I Believe

NPR has done it again. Back in July, I blogged about an innovative new program called "Open Ears," in which musicians talk about the music they love. I recently heard a new program (for me), which actually has its roots in a 1950s radio program of Edward R. Murrow's called "This I Believe". The NPR program of the same name asks listeners to "share the beliefs that guide you in your daily life." They are collecting essays of up to 6000 words, and they present a new one each week in the author's own voice.

The NPR website has links to a number of these fascinating essays that give voice to individuals' struggles and insights. They are well worth hearing. As one who studies narrative approaches to identity, I'm very excited about this project. These are powerful transformative stories that attest to the complexity and vigor of the human spirit.

Stories are powerful things. American Public Radioworks is also collecting stories --- of those involved in international adoption. They are developing a feature called "Finding Home: Fifty Years of International Adoption." This promises to be fascinating and useful. This program was recently discussed on colleague Rich Lee's blog "FamiLee Life."

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