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May 5, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging - Who's On Top??

Cats on climber-b.jpg

Cats are so fascinating! Here's the scene I encountered last week on the tribe's climber. Look who's on the top level - little Sadie! She is the youngest and smallest and was the last to enter the group, but she is definitely Ms. Alpha ... and she knows it. She has never been afraid to stand her ground with any of the other 3. On the middle level are the 2 brothers (from the same parents, but not littermates) - Pookie and Shadow. Pookie's happy to be his cigar-smoking-and-brandy-quaffing self, never going anywhere too quickly. Shadow is the over-active brother, always wound a bit tightly. And on the bottom rung is MacKenzie - the quiet, sweet, more submissive one. But she's no shrinking violet either. Now that we're empty nesters, they add variety, spice, and love to our daily lives

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