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August 18, 2006

Headlines without Stories

I've been delinquent in blogging of late - mainly because my life has been turned completely upside down in a short period of time. Although I've thought a lot about what I'd like to write, I've had neither the time nor the inclination to actually do it. But I've thought of some great titles / headlines for events of the past month or so. Here are a few. I may write about some of them later ... or I may not.

God's Waiting Room - part deux

Two Weeks in Hell (aka Dallas in August)

Toolin' Around in a Gold Cadillac

TV - Rotting American Brains One Commercial at a Time

Job's Lament

Health Care for Elders: a National Disgrace

Hidden in Plain Sight - the Power of Friends

Boomerangs - Duck and Cover!

One Day at a Time

Losses and Gains: The Known and the Unknowable

The Many Miracles of Mocha

But here is the fortune that came in my cookie Wednesday:
"A sweet surprise awaits you."
I've taped it to my cell phone.

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