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June 3, 2007

Ten Things I'm Enjoying about Austin

in no particular order...

**Reading my favorite novel about emotionally tortured musicians (An Equal Music, by Vikram Seth)
**Hearing live music when I got off the plane at the airport
**Reading Maurice Sendak’s “Pierre? over and over and over and over to Reid
**Seeing Meredith’s big smiles and triumphs as she navigates her new world, walking
**Being chatted up by Nathan, the checker-dude at the Market
**Being truly away from e-mail, guilt-free
**The 40th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper – it seems appropriate that this would happen while I’m in Austin. The album came out just as I finished my freshman year in college, 40 years ago.
**Chicken molé enchiladas at Curra’s
**Finding new CDs by Conspirare and Chanticleer
**Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla on top of Central Market chocolate crispies

and many more.....

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