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January 5, 2008

Stories That Didn't Quite Make It

The first week of January is always a good time for some house-cleaning. I'm on a tear now, especially realizing that I'll be moving in May -- I'm in a tossing mood!

Which brought me to a foot-high stack just left of my desk - various articles I'd set aside during the year to blog about, but they never quite made the cut. Since they were runners-up to the topics that made it, I thought at least their headlines deserved 5 seconds in the sun. Most are from the Star Tribune or New York Times. So here goes....

Gutter Talk: "You can spend less than $100 or more than $3000 to keep your gutters free of leaves. Here are the pros and cons of several systems." [Deliver me from ice dams.]

A Taste of Family Life in U.S., but Adoption is in Limbo -- one of a growing number of heartbreaking stories abput difficulties in international adoption.

Bloggone! - Ennui and exhaustion are idling some online opiners. Next year may see a decline - or at least a leveling off - in the blogging boom.

The church or the trees? Redwoods, the official tree of California, threaten a historic church in Monterey. The church wants the trees gone; the city prefers a compromise.

Modern technology can really divide us (Thomas Friedman) - thoughtful piece

Southern warmth covers a lot more than the weather, darling (Garrison Keillor) - The codger didn't like it when the airline clerk said "Have a good flight, darling." sour, sour, sour

Unleash your inner nerd (or geek or dork) - I already have. Mentioned the many online tests to see if you are a geek or a dork.

Friends for Life: An emerging biology of emotional healing (Daniel Goleman, NYT) -- Cites John Cacioppo, who states that "the emotional status of our main relationships has a significant impact on our overall pattern of cardiovascular and neuroendocrine activity."

When Seeing is Not Believing -- Andrew Sullivan (Time mag) on the rise of fundamentalism and why embracing spiritual doubt is the key to defusing the tension between East and West. (a keeper)

What to Keep or Toss when purging papers (a keeper -- woops)

Refugee issue comes into play as town bans soccer in park (Why can't we get along?)

Medical due diligence: A living will should spell out the specifics (Too close to home, with my father's illness)

The Racial Politics of Speaking Well ("For whites, the word "articulate" is a compliment to anyone. For blacks, it can be a toxic adjective.") - NYT

Dealing with Box elder Bug Problems without Pesticides --- (we have them, and this article helped)

The simple justice of mental health care -- Why punish Minnesotans just because they're sick?

Broken Promises: The collapse of a New Hope adoption agency has put in limbo some Minnesota families waiting for children around the world --- more heartbreak.

Pacemaker for the brain found to aid memory. (Ever since I saw Johnny Mnemonic I wondered about adding to my hard drive topside!)

Alzheimer's figures expected to soar once boomers turn 65.

And to conclude, for now --
a cartoon with a quote from Sinclair Lewis:
"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

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