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February 9, 2008

Latté Express

coffee cup.jpg

1 cup of milk, heated 2:20 in the microwave on high
1 tbsp. of Taster's Choice instant coffee, dark roast

Add coffee to hot milk. Stir until frothy. Enjoy.

This is totally sacreligious for any coffee purist, but it's a) convenient - no need to leave home and use that car; b) easy - pour, stir; and c) inexpensive - probably about 50 cents a cup, instead of $3.50 at you-know-where. I was surprised at how good it tasted and think it's not too far off of the real thing. Of course, you can add as much coffee as you want to suit your taste, and you can use decaf or regular, skim or 2%, etc. etc. Gratuities may be sent c/o Inner Geek.

Posted by hgroteva at February 9, 2008 10:11 AM | Life