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August 2, 2008

Gifts for a Major Transition

Gifts from Kai Miok 0708.JPG

Dear Kai Miok,

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts you chose for us, as we transitioned from your home to Massachusetts. We could tell that each present was lovingly wrapped and labeled by you. We were pretty distracted by the road trip and hotels, so our Herder decided that we would unwrap and enjoy the gifts after we made it to our new home. We had a very nice party - the mouse was fun to play with (although Pookie was above it all) -- we'll have to slip him some of that catnip! Anyway, thank you for being so sweet and for caring for us for the past 5 months. You have an open invitation to visit at any time.

Love, Pookie (candidate for President; D-Mass.); Shadow; MacKenzie; and Sadie (First Lady, hopefully).

P.S. On Tuesday night, we get to meet our 2 new tribe members (Dylan and Chloe) and Sierra, the barking one, for the first time. We will post pictures. It should be "interesting" for all concerned! We're glad that we have had almost a week to claim our territory in the new house and figure out where all the good hiding places are.

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