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September 13, 2008


Yesterday was faculty convocation - an opportunity to meet colleagues and to hear the new chancellor. The event began with a faculty procession all the way across the center of campus, with a carillon concert as we marched. Here we were:

led by the banners of each college

banners at convocation.jpg

The Chancellor's talk was quite good, I thought. Click here to go to the text of the talk.

Holub 0908.jpg

He was complimentary about many features of the university - especially the faculty, the students, and the staff. But he also enumerated areas where greater strength was needed. In his words, "Thus I come to areas in which I believe we must make progress, sometimes substantial progress, if we are going to assume our place as one of the premier public institutions of higher education in the country."

The list was familiar and made me feel right at home.
**more grants
**more interdisciplinary work
**more fundraising
**clearer communications strategy
**more attention to graduate education
**opportunities for freshmen to take small seminars
**improving the quality and state of repair of existing space
**identifying areas for national centers of excellence.

After some years of inattention from the legislature, it seems that the university is in a better position now than it has been in recent years. New faculty positions, new buildings, and better qualified freshmen are good indicators. And so it begins...

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