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September 18, 2008


This kind of mouse??

computer mouse 2.jpg

No, this kind of mouse....


I have never lived in a house with mice, but there's a first time for everything. Technically, the mice are in the garage, not in the house, but one got into the kitchen last night. Would you believe these sweet things are good mousers?

Cats together5.jpg

Last night, Chloe saw a mouse run under the refrigerator. She worked really hard to get it with her paw or her mouth ... no luck. When I went to bed, she stayed on the watch. This morning when I went down for breakfast, she was STILL THERE waiting for that mouse!

She apparently waited until mid-day, when the mouse finally appeared ... and she GOT IT! Three cheers for Chloe.

She and Dylan are enjoying time outside, individually and together. Tonight they were rolling around on the driveway under the car. That's one way the tribes are keeping the peace a bit -- the NM cats spend some time outside, and the MN cats are indoor beasts. I thought things were calming down a bit until last night. Chloe was curled up on my desk. When Sadie spotted her, her tail exploded to 5 times its normal size and the hissing began. She chased Chloe all over my study until I finally separated them. She kept trying to egg Chloe on, but she wouldn't take the bait.

The other day, Dylan lost a fight with Sadie. And then he went and beat up on Pookie! Kind of like the boss yells at you at work, and then you come home and kick the dog. So it goes in the animal kingdom.

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