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October 21, 2008

The Shadow Report (+ a little more political commentary)

Thanks to all of Shadow's fans for your supportive thoughts while he was missing and your joy upon his return. He's doing extremely well. After being a bit wobbly and thin, he has eaten his fill and is now seeming pretty much back to normal. An incredibly resilient fellow - fortunately!

On the political front, I continue to be amazed at the naivete of Rep. Bachman from MN and Gov Palin. Tonight, Chris Matthews (Hardball) interviewed Bill Maher and they discussed one clip from Bachman (need to investigate how many of those people in Congress are pro-American) and Palin (the VP can "get in there [the Senate] and make a lot of good policy changes.") Maher's comment on the duo was - "That's a real Beavis and Butthead we've got there."
Judge for yourself. (This election can't come soon enough!)

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