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April 22, 2009

Feline Advice Sought

My blogging frequency has slipped lately, as we prepare to move to our new house next week. Those of you who have followed this blog know the trials and tribulations we have had integrating our two tribes of Tonkinese (let's call them the NM and the MN tribes.) Sadie continues to be aggressive, but we are hoping that the move to a new house will break up current behavior patterns and press the proverbial reset button.

We will be moving the cats on the same day as we move our furniture. The moving company estimates that the process will take all day, so we will probably take the cats to the new house early in the morning. One of us will stay at the new house, and the other will supervise the move at the old house. Do any of you faithful readers have suggestions about how to introduce them to the new house? Turn them all loose at once, close the door, and let them sort it out??! Sequester the two tribes in separate rooms? The two NM cats have already visited the new house. Interestingly, Chloe was like Dora the Explorer - she quickly scooted throughout the house and claimed it as her own. Dylan huddled in a corner. The MN group won't visit until the day of the move. Suggestions?? Maybe we should tranquilize them? Or perhaps tranquilize ourselves? Stay tuned... Please leave comments!

Posted by hgroteva at 8:43 PM