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July 1, 2009

Wednesday Cat Blogging: Missing Dylan

I'm very sad to report that Dylan has been gone for almost 10 days. Even in New Mexico, his nickname was "The Escape Artist." He was never content to be an indoor cat, like some other Tonks we know. He would escape at every opportunity.

Out here, he loved being able to run out in the yard and in the wild area around the house. He had been going in and out for the better part of a month, but left one day and never returned.

Although I may be over-anthropomorphizing, I think it's really changed the dynamics within the tribe(s). First of all, Chloe misses her sleeping buddy. They have been bosom buddies since birth. (That's Dylan on the left.)

Chloe and Dylan together.JPG

Chloe's seemed lonely, and since she lost some air cover, she is being increasing ganged up on by Shadow and MacKenzie. And Pookie has been missing Sadie. Tonight, for the first time, Chloe and Pookie came within 3 inches of each other and sniffed - no growls, no chasing. Maybe they will be the next soulmates ... one can hope.

Every day I go outside, I hope that Dylan will come trotting down the hill, but I'm losing hope. Then I remember that I gave up on Shadow and he showed up 9 days later. Shadow has used at least 5 of his 9 lives. I think Dylan still has at least 8 left.

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July 13, 2009

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - "Sleep"

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July 30, 2009

The Sky is Falling?

Living out in the country has brought some new realizations about vulnerabilities, but this is one I had never anticipated. From the July 30 "Sentinel" for our Belchertown:
"A Westover {AFB] C-5 on a local training mission dropped two tires from the aircraft in Belchertown late last week" ... from 4,000 feet. We are an hour from the nearest commercial airport, but about once a day we see a very low and slow-flying Air Force plane heading to or from Westover. It's kind of neat to see them up close and personal, but I think I'll be watching those tires a bit more closely...

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